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We believe in our ability and desire to evolve; our core values are reinventing ourselves to overcome the challenges of a dynamic business environment and ensure sustainable expansion, excellence, inclusion, equality, and efficiency. These are backed by strong and a well-defined long-term vision, which has sparked the genesis of  YONO CONSULTANCIES.

We endeavor to bring about innovation by providing incomparable value, flexibility, and risk-taking ability. We also believe in our people who deliver exceptional performance in every domain and corporate responsibility via service to society. We are committed to achieving excellence in all businesses that YONO ventures into, with the objective of becoming an organization that all its employees and associates are proud of.


skill development

At the core of any healthy, productive, and prosperous society lies its educated citizens. Continuous learning plays a crucial role in acquiring essential critical thinking skills and broadening our perspectives when interacting with people from diverse cultures.

The capacity to broaden one’s horizons and constantly seek knowledge is fundamental to achieving success. This belief fuels our ardor for education, training, and personal development.

Training & Development

Training is an essential tool for organizations and individuals to achieve their goals and remain competitive in today’s fast-paced business world. By investing in training programs, organizations can help their employees develop the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs efficiently and contribute to the success of the organization. Moreover, training can enhance job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover. For individuals, training can improve their job prospects and open up new career opportunities by providing them with the skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the job market. Overall, training is a critical component of professional development, and it can have a significant impact on an individual’s career progression and an organization’s success.

wellbeing & counseling

We cater to the overall psychological well-being of a person by mapping various competencies. This variety of counseling services that we offer have proven to be of holistic value not only for the working professionals but also the Organization through

IT services

At YONO we thrive to develop and use advanced human-oriented IT solutions which will help in learning and development for individuals as well as for organizations. Our solutions like advanced employability assessment platform designed to alleviate the challenges faced during the campus recruitment process. The platform presents an all-inclusive online employability test that comprehensively evaluates the skill set of candidates. We enable students to prepare for employment opportunities while still in school, giving them an edge in the job market before the campus placement season. Moreover, it streamlines the hiring process for organizations by connecting them with job-ready candidates.

Our Recent Project

As part of the career guidance program, we conducted psychometric assessments and workshops with students. This helped them make informed decisions and choose the right career. Workshop provided them with understanding and information regarding available career opportunities.

beyond business,

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